Ekologiese Restourasie in Namakwaland

Dr Peter Carrick (UCT) is widely considered as the pre-eminent academic in South Africa in the field of landscape rehabilitation on the West Coast. Co-authored by Dr Susan Botha and Raldo Kruger and published in 2022, his book ‘Ekologiese Restourasie in Namakwaland: ‘n Praktiese Gids;’ (Ecological Restoration in Namaqualand: A Practical Guide) is the result of more than 20 years of scientific research, as well as practical implementation and training, primarily carried out through the NGO Nurture, Restore, Innovate (NRI) in the fragile, highly biodiverse and damaged regions of the Western and Northern Cape. Available only in Afrikaans as this is the most commonly spoken language in the area, the book serves as a practical instruction manual for those – including mining operators, farmers, landowners and other land custodians – wishing to return these areas to their natural state. ‘Ekologiese Restourasie in Namakwaland’ is packed with information about indigenous plant species and regional ecosystems and the importance of fertile topsoil, landscape stabilisation, ecological shelter, patch dynamics etc., and offers step-by-step guidance in preparing damaged areas for replanting and rehabilitation. Illustrated with detailed diagrams and colour photographs, this amazing book is a must-read for anyone with a theoretical or practical interest in returning the land of Namaqualand, and similar environments such as the Karoo, to their former natural glory, or simply those who want to know more about how these ecosystems work.