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Donate, fundraise, volunteer and share on social. We are looking for all the help we can get. Your contribution will be hugely appreciated and will go a long way in the fight against the numerous mining operations that are threatening this magical coastline. Whether you are an individual or company looking to make an impact, there is an option for you to assist us and get involved. Act now to Protect The West Coast.

Direct Deposit

Name: Protect the West Coast NPC  Bank: First National Bank Cheque Account

Branch Code: 250655  Account Number: 62877977135
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Reference: Please state name or company. If you would like to remain anonymous, please state that as the reference.

What you can do as a company

Our organisation is working effectively to pursue real change in the decision-making for the West Coast’s future, considering the longevity of the environment, communities and economic activity. If our work resonates with you we urge you to consider us as a partner. This can be done in one of two ways, donate as a company directly to us or pledge 1% of annual sales to us through the 1% for the Planet organisation.

Donate as a company

Protect the West Coast NPC is a registered non-profit organisation and is registered with SARS (South African Revenue Service) as a PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) which will entitle companies to tax benefits on their contributions, for which we can issue tax certificates.

Certify for 1% for the Planet

We are a certified 1% for Planet organisation. Join the 1% for Planet global movement and donate 1% of annual sales to Protect The West Coast. Leverage your contribution with the 1% for the Planet logo as a verified seal of their commitment to people and the planet, without the potential risks of being seen as greenwashing.

What you can do as an individual

Donate or Fundraise

As an individual, you can donate to our organisation via one of the methods listed above or you can start a fundraising campaign on your own accord. We will assist you with setting up your own fundraising profile via GivenGain as well as helping to amplify your efforts through our media channels.


Some things you can offer to do include hosting a community conversation, creating content, raising funds, or start a local group. Please click on the button below and fill in our quick volunteer form and we will contact you!

Get Social

Tell your friends and family about what’s at stake. Share this website, follow us and our partners on social media, and help share the message far and wide.