A bright future denied: The plight of the mining-affected !Ama people of the Richtersveld.

For decades, the indigenous First Nation !Ama peoples of the Richtersveld on the West Coast in the Northern Cape have fought big mining and authorities to recognise their rights to their traditional lands and a share of the enormous profits from the minerals beneath them. Despite two decades of legal battles after they eventually won a groundbreaking land claim, including a recent complaint by Protect The West Coast (PTWC) advisory board member Martinus Fredericks, justice and restitution have proved elusive in the shadow of the corruption and even state capture that he alleges.

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Award-winning South African artist Balekane Legoabe creates beautiful San rock art ink prints to help raise funds for Protect the West Coast.

Balekane Legoabe is a young South African artist who recently completed a residency at the 50ty/50ty fine art print studio in Cape Town, which resulted in ‘Diagrams of the beginning’, a limited edition series of 30 prints inspired by ancient San rock art, culture and ocean mythologies. These collectors pieces are now available for sale, with a portion of the proceeds going towards Protect The West Coast (PTWC).

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PTWC attends the inaugural Macua Summit in Pretoria.

On a hot dusty day in the nation’s capital, about 300 incensed members of Mining Affected Communities United in Action (MACUA) came together for the first time. It was an historic moment, and myself and my colleague Miles Masterson were proud to witness it as representatives of Protect the West Coast. 

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