We see a thriving and abundant West Coast that benefits present and future generations. Lawful and unlawful mining activity covers an astounding portion of the West Coast of South Africa. We envision a future that replaces degraded, lifeless and desolate mine dumps with cross-functional economic activity in unison with nature and her people. We believe this vision is within our reach if we:

  • Protect the coastline from unlawful and destructive mining
  • Promote and celebrate its economic, environmental and cultural abundance
  • Encourage deep personal connection to its rich biodiversity and cultural heritage

We have overseen a small, but crucial, glimmer of hope in recent years: several court rulings favour our vision. There is mounting global pressure on leaders to adopt a forward thinking approach to how they manage resources and develop their country and their corporations.

We, the people, need to continue adding to this pressure. Whether you are a business owner, a scientist, a parent, an outdoor enthusiast or a believer in change, we encourage you to join us to build this momentum towards a coastline that we can all enjoy for generations to come.


We are dedicated to informing and empowering civil society to stand against unjust mining activity on the West Coast. We believe in wielding the power of legal action to hold companies and the government accountable. We inspire a deep connection to the region’s biodiversity and cultural heritage.


  • Restore Respect for People
  • Restore Respect for the Planet
  • Belief (in a better way of doing things)
  • Inclusivity