PTWC wins Mail & Guardian Greening the Future Award

Cape Town: South African environmental organisation Protect the West Coast won the mining category of the Mail & Guardian Greening the Future Awards in Johannesburg yesterday.

The prestigious accolade for the Not-for-Profit is propitious because Protect the West Coast (PTWC) celebrates its third birthday this month. Over the past three years PTWC, which is staffed by an under-resourced group of passionate and dedicated part-timers and volunteers, has become a well-known force in the fight against illegal beach mining on the West Coast.

While PTWC has cast a focused media spotlight on unregulated mining, it has also fostered communication between anti-mining activists and local communities; promoted public participation in the mining application process; spearheaded successful legal action against mining company Trans Hex; and provided assistance and support for other legal challenges. 

Launched in 1998, the M&G Greening the Future awards recognise leading South African individuals, companies, communities and NGOs who tackle environmental problems around the country, from biodiversity loss to polluted air and water exacerbated by climate change. 

The eight award categories cover: Biodiversity Stewardship, Clean Air & Renewable Energy, Green Finance, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Design, Waste and Chemical Management, Water & Ocean Initiatives, and Mining. 

“PTWC has been an exemplary force in eco-activism and has a profoundly positive effect on the environment and people of the West Coast,” stated the M&G Greening the Future website in recognition of the organisation’s endeavours and activism in the latter category.

“I am overjoyed at winning first prize in the mining category of the M&G Greening the Future Awards 2023,” said PTWC Managing Director Mike Schlebach. 

“Over the past three years our team has put in an enormous amount of effort – in the airwaves, on the ground and in the courts – to combat illegal mining on the West Coast and it is wonderful to be recognised for all of our hard work. The truth is that although we have achieved a great deal, the mining threat continues unabated, and in many ways the fight has only just started. PTWC urgently needs funding to continue our good work. 

“Our hope is that this award will go a long way to showcasing the vital importance of our cause as an environmental NPO to the world, and will help to provide momentum we need to catapult us into 2024 in our fight against illegal mining, as we strive to execute the pillars of our strategic vision for the next year, including in the areas of media publicity, education, rehabilitation, public participation and the legal arena.”

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