Elands Bay Coast Under Threat as Mining Spreads South

To illustrate the fight that PTWC has on its hands, yet another new prospecting application has been granted by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy over a vast area all the way from Elands Bay past Lamberts Bay and up to Clanwilliam and Vanrhynsdorp inland.

An environmental authorisation in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (Nema) has been granted to an unknown company called Colt Resources, who wish to mine “phosphate ore” over multiple properties and farms in this area.

We are aware of the irony embedded in the name of a horse or a six shooter pistol in the company’s title, since the West Coast is increasingly becoming like the Wild West, with little compliance or oversight to regulate the activities of what appears to be a steady stream of bandits and outlaws.

This is a scary development because, sadly, the mining is inexorably moving south, as PTWC has repeatedly warned. In effect, Colt Resources has secured the first step in digging up the veld a mere 100km from Langebaan, almost on Cape Town’s doorstep.

If you’re a surfer or other water user of the West Coast, or an affected and concerned party, we urge you to support our crowdfunding effort as outlined above.

Words by Steve Pike.

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