Pint For A Purpose with Jack Black & Wavescape

Words by Steve Pike.

During the months of February and March 2023 the team at Jack Black’s led by the inimitable Ross and Meghan McCullough put our name on their Pint for a Purpose tap. This meant that every time one of their patrons ordered a chilled craft lager from that tap, the proceeds went to PTWC to assist us.

It was great timing for us because we were part of the super cool Wavescape Board Meeting, a gathering of sustainable surf brands and ocean-minded conservation causes who showcase the work they do. The event is part of the Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival, presented by Vans. Part of our media team were on hand to engage with the many people who came out to be part of the event, which included DJ music, kiddie’s play area and a surfboard swap.

It was an ideal time to get the Pint for a Purpose tap flowing, and to convince members of the public about the damage that is being wrought by unchecked illegal mining up the West Coast.

Jack Black’s ran this blurb on their website to explain: “Mining companies are constantly threatening the natural West Coast environment and without Protect the West Coast, our incredible landscapes would be destroyed without most of us even knowing about it. When you order a pint from our Pint for a Purpose tap at Jack Black’s Taproom, proceeds will go towards the super important work that they are doing to help save our coastline.

“For more information and to donate to this incredible cause, visit the Protect the West Coast Website or donate via Snapscan below. And we’ll see you down at the Taproom for a pint in support this essential cause!”

And if you didn’t manage to get to the brewery during the Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival, never fear, you can order an imaginary pint at the snapscan image below. Just for the price of a beer, you can help us. Every bit counts.

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